Behavior Policy


Student Behavior


We want Burbank Elementary School to be a safe, pleasant, and orderly environment in which children learn and grow. All students at Burbank follow the same basic guidelines for behavior. However, each classroom  has a discipline plan based on these guidelines that meets the needs of individual grade levels.


Parents play a very important role in establishing and maintaining appropriate behavior skills. Our recognition system also supports and encourages good citizenship. Please read and discuss with your child(ren) the following behavior standards.


Behavior Standards


The school wide behavior expectations are embedded in the principles of :  "All Bulldogs BARK!"


Be A Learner

  • listen to the teacher and other students
  • participate in class
  • have a positive attitude
  • try your best
  • be ready to learn
  • ask for help when needed


Act Responsability


  • keep campus clean and safe
  • walk quietly from place to place
  • use appropriate voices
  • complete homework on time
  • use words to solve conflicts or ask for adult help




  • use appropriate language
  • keep hands and feet to yourself
  • follow directions and playground rules
  • respect others' space and property




  • be kind in thoughts, words and actions
  • treat others as you want to be treated
  • no put-downs


Consequences for Misbehaviors


The consequences for breaking school rules will depend on several circumstances: the seriousness of the rule that was broken, the age of the student, previous warnings or referrals, etc. The principal, principal designee, and/or teacher will determine the most effective form of consequences for misbehavior.


The following list of consequences will be considered for misbehavior: counseling or warning from the teacher or principal, disciplinary assignment at recess, and/or lunch detention, written referral to the parent(s), phone call to the parent(s), referral to the principal or assistant to the principal.


Cell Phones


Cell phones ARE NOT to be used during the school day. They must be turned off and kept in the student's backpack during school hours. BURBANK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF CELL PHONE IS LOST OR STOLEN. Cell phones inappropriately carried or used will be confiscated and must be picked up by a parent. Students who bring a cell phone to school must have the appropriate box checked on the Acknowledgment of Behavior Policy Form.


Electronic Devices and Toys


Laser pointers, electronic games, toys, scooters, and skateboards are not allowed.


Severe Misbehaviors


The following describes the most severe offenses and will not be tolerated by the Burbank Elementary School staff. These misbehaviors will result in an automatic referral to the principal or the assistant to the principal or the assistant to the principal, and may also result in suspension from class or school and/or a referral to the *SST team, **SARB, or ***Student Evaluation Committee.


*The Student Study Team (S.S.T) is a group of school professionals that meets to discuss individual concerns. This approach is in accordance with State and School District guidelines for a S.S.T.


**School Attendance and Review Board (SARB) is a committee composed of law enforcement, counselors, and district personnel. Its purpose is to remedy attendance and behavior problems, which are disruptive to school, through counseling or referrals to outside agencies. It is a state authorized committee.


***Student Evaluation Committee (SEC) is a committee composed of district personnel. This committee has the power to transfer students to another school or expel as a disciplinary action.


Sexual Harrasment


Sexual Harrasment of students by other students shall not be tolerated. Unwelcome sexual advance, requests or demands for sexual favors, defacement of buildings or other property with sexually oriented graffitti, and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, consitute sexual harrasment.


Other examples of sexual harrasment are:


  1. Unwelcome leering, sexual filtrations or propositions
  2. Unwelcome sexual slurs, epithets, threats, verbal abuse, derogatory comments, or sexually degrading descriptions.
  3. Graphic verbal comments about an individdual's body or overly personal conversation of a sexual nature
  4. Sexual jokes, stories, drawings, pictures or gestures
  5. Spreading sexual rumors
  6. Touching an individual's body or clothes in an unwelcome or offensive nature
  7. Impeding or blocking or normal movements
  8. Displaying sexually suggestive objects in the educational environment
  9. Sexual comments, innuendoes, or slurs, oral or in writing regarding a person's sexual orientation


Public Concern And Complaint Procedures


As stipulated in Board Policy 1312 - Community relations, specific concerns regarding a school should be discussed in the following order.


a. Teacher, if involved

b. Principal

c. Assistant Superintendent or Designee

d. Superintendent

e. Board Of Education


Specific concerns regarding public information, business and financial services, transportation, maintenance, health services, food services, personnel services or psychological services should be discussed in the following order:


a. Department Supervisor

b. Assistant Superintendent

c. Superintendent

d. Board of Education


If a citizen feels it is necessary to complete a Community Complaint Procedure Form, the following procedure should de followed:


a. Complete a Community COmplaint Procedure Form

b. Submit the form to the Office of the District Superintendent

c. Staff shall respond to the concern and a response will be sent to the citizen within two weeks

d. Copies of the complaint will be distributed as follows:

1.  Superintendent

2.  Site/Principal

3.  Parent and/or District Department




A recognition system is an integral part of our student behavior program. Students are encouraged to be responsible at school. At Burbank School the recognition program includes , but is not limited to, the following:


  1. Classroom recognition - praise, notes home, special privileges, etc.
  2. Monthly Citizenship Awards
  3. Monthly Academic Achievement Awards
  4. Principal's Effort Honor Roll (End of the Year)
  5. Principal's Academic Honor Roll (End of the Year)
  6. 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony
  7. Burbank Bucks and Rewards