Dress Code


Burbank Dress Code


The ABC Unified School District subscribes to the philosophy that students will be provided with a quality education in a safe, wholesome environment. In this regard, the Board feels that the presence of certain types of clothing and attire can cause a disruption of school activities. Specially, the Board feels that it is necessary to establish a dress and grooming policy designed to prohibit the wearing or display of clothing, attire, jewelry, or materials that evidence membership in or affirmation with any gang; which are obscene, sexually explicit or suggestive; or which promote use/abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. School clothing must be appropriate for the school environment. A school dress code has been developed to help keep students safe and secure on campus and on the way to and from school. The following school dress and grooming policy has been developed based upon California law and ABC Board policy:


  1. All clothes must be neat, clean, not frayed and in good repair.
  2. Hats, caps, headbands and bandannas are to be left at home.
  3. Unnaturally colored hair is not allowed, nor is make-up (exceptions: lip gloss and nail polish).
  4. Prescription eyeglasses are allowed. Sunglasses are not allowed.
  5. Clothing jewelry which suggests sexually-related/obscene gestures, images depicting violence or violent acts, pictures or wording which promotes the use/abuse of alcohol, drugs or tobacco, shall not be worn on campus or at school activities.
  6. Tank tops (straps must be of 2" wide), sheer or low cut blouses, bare midriffs, backless tops, short-shorts, high heels (1 inch maximum), open toed shoes, or suggestive clothing are not permitted. Undergarments shall be worn and must not be visible at any time.
  7. No articles of clothing, jewelry, or other accesories which, in the option of the administration, poses a threat to the physical well-being and safety of the student or others shall be worn on campus or any school activity.
  8. For the safety of the students, the following clothing should not be worn:

a. Webbed belts (no chrome buckles with or without letters, length of belt should not be extended beyond two inches (2'') of the first belt loop

b. Plain white T-shirts or undershirts worn by themselves

c, Oversized shirts/sweatshirts (not below the bottom of the pants pockets)

d. Unbuttoned or unzipped shirts

e. Long shorts with high socks (shorts and socks must not overlap)

f. Cut-off pants or cut-off shorts/split or frayed cuffs or hems (including store bought cut-offs with frayed edges)

g. Baggy pants (must be 1" above ground)

h. Sagging pants/shorts (must fit waist, leg, inseam and crotch area)

i. Sports jerseys that are fish net or are loose fitting must be worn with a colored T-shirt

j. T-shirts promoting ethnic groups through logos, pictures or phrases are not to be worn to school