Safety School Plan

ABC Unified School District 

Safe School Action Plan  

Burbank Elementary School 

Submitted By: Michele Robinson 

Date: March 2018           


ABC Unified School District

Child Welfare and Attendance


Safe School Action Plan Certification



School Name: Luther Burbank Elementary School, Artesia, Ca.


Date: March, 2018     


Required Signatures             Print Name                                        Signature


Principal/Designee:                 Michele Robinson                               Michele Robinson

Classified Representative:      Teena Caluza                          

Certified Representative:        Renee Baker

Parent:                                        Russel Dwiggins





Other Safe School Team Members:


Names:  Renee Baker, Linda Baas, Candace Fitzpatrick, Ericka LaTour, Patricia Minnehan, Karen Farley, Mark Reed


This is a public document and will be readily available for inspection at the school site and at the District Office.


The Safe School Action Plan is part of the Comprehensive Safe School Plan and will be evaluated and amended by the school site council or school safety planning committee prior to March 1 of every year.



ABC Unified School District

Child Welfare and Attendance


Safe School Action Plan

Mission Statement:


The Burbank Visual, Performing, and Folk Arts Magnet experience provides our students with an arts-based academic program that reflects America’s cultural richness. Music, visual arts, performing arts, and drama are integrated into the standards-based curriculum incorporating parent and community partnerships, technologically enhanced instruction, and frequent arts lessons. Our Magnet program is taught by resident specialists, visiting artists, and classroom teachers. Through this interchange, our students gain appreciation of the Arts.


Baseline Data and Resources:


Burbank Elementary School is a beautiful traditional school with a large front lawn and porch. The layout of the school allows for the campus to be secured while students are on campus. All parents and visitors must enter the school office to receive a visitor or volunteer badge. 


Safety of students and staff is a primary concern at Burbank Elementary.  The students are supervised by qualified school personnel for 30 minutes before school and 15 minutes after school. The school provides two afterschool programs: EDP and EXTRA. All personnel are trained in emergency procedures.  Fire, earthquake, lockdown and active shooter drills are conducted regularly throughout the school year.


The School Safety Committee reviews site safety concerns and assists with the identification of items needing repair or creating a possible hazard.  Emergency supplies are inventoried and reordered each year.


Two custodians ensure that classrooms, restrooms and campus grounds are kept clean and safe.  All electrical, plumbing, roofing and fixtures are in good working condition and meet applicable building and government code requirements.  A scheduled maintenance program is administered by ABC Unified School District to ensure that all classroom and facility repairs are maintained to a degree of adequacy that provides for good learning.





Areas Needing Change:


The safety committee recommends the emergency medical supplies be reviewed by the nurse. Any supplies which need to be replaced will be ordered. After the medical supply review is completed this year. The supplies will be reviewed annually.


All teachers will bring their emergency backpacks to a staff meeting to be sure each backpack has the basic supplies necessary. This review will also be placed on the annual schedule.


Staff needs to decide how to store Student Emergency Food and Supplies - in classrooms with a rolling cart or store in outside storage bins.


Staff needs to decide how to fund new supplies that need updating.


Portable Potties need to be inventoried and new ones replaced if needed.


Safety committee will access exit points on campus and evacuation point off campus.


Emergency Backpack made for office to give  Incident Commander in the event of an emergency on campus.  This should include but not limited to: 2 master keys, gate keys, map of school, building numbers, access numbers, list of special need children and their room numbers, class roster, phone numbers,


Label buildings and possibly put building numbers on the roof for Sheriff to detect from air.


Get vests for students that have special needs - students that may not comply with law enforcement in the event of an emergency. 


Red Card for deceased body in room.



ABC Unified School District

Child Welfare and Attendance


Safe School Action Plan




Person(s) Responsible

Goal 1: To provide an inviting and safe teaching and learning environment.

8/2017 through 6/2018

Principal, Safety Committee, and Staff

Objective- Throughout the year and by June 30, 2018 the following activities will be completed:


1.      Inform parents and students of school rules and progressive disciplines procedures through

      the parent-student handbook.


2.      Conduct Student Success Team meetings.



3.      Conduct regular communication with parents through class newsletters, phone calls, and parent conferences to share academic and behavioral progress.


4.      Inform and train staff regarding disaster response procedures.


5.      Conduct fire drills monthly, emergency/disaster drills at least twice yearly, and lockdown drill and active shooter once per trimester.


6.      Provide each staff member with an emergency backpack that includes basic necessary materials.



7.      Provide safety training for students STAR program (5th and 6th grade), Cyber Safety Compliance (TK-6th grade).


8.      School activities such as Kindness Week, Spirit Days, and Red Ribbon Week contribute to student safety and well being.


9.      Hold an annual public meeting for the revision and approval of the Emergency Plan.





Aug. 2017




Monthly 2017-2018


Ongoing 2017-2018







Ongoing 2017-2018



Aug. 2017




Ongoing 2017-2018




Ongoing 2017-2018



Dec. 2017




Secretary, staff




SST team, staff, Principal


Staff, Principal





Staff, Safety Committee, Principal





Principal, Safety Committee


Staff, Sheriff

Dept., Computer Lab Instructor




Teachers, Staff



School Site Council, Staff


ABC Unified School District

Child Welfare and Attendance


Safe School Action Plan





Person(s) Responsible

Goal 1: To ensure that all students and staff members are familiar and trained in following all school safety procedures.


Principal, Administration and Staff

By June 2018, students and staff will have received training about emergency procedures and will have practiced for emergency events through drills. 


1.      All students receive instruction from their teacher on the procedures for earthquake, fire, lock-down, and active shooter drills.


2.      Copies of the Emergency Organizational Plan are distributed and reviewed with all certificated and classified staff.


3.      Ensure that all staff members are familiar with their assigned responsibilities in the event of an emergency.


4.      A copy of the Emergency Organizational Plan is placed in each substitute teacher folder for easy access and reference in the event of a drill or actual emergency.


5.      All staff members identify and report to office staff/custodians areas in the classroom or on campus that need repair or constitute a hazard to students and staff.


6.      The school nurse evaluates the emergency medical supplies and makes recommendations.


7.      Emergency food and water are inspected and new supplies added as needed.

8.      On a yearly basis, the fire extinguishers are tested and re-charged as required by the Fire Marshall.


9.      The principal is a member of and attends the meetings of the District’s Safety Committee.


10.  The Emergency Operations Communication Chart containing the telephone numbers of each staff member is updated (Staff Emergency Cards updated) and distributed to the key contact person on the plan.


11.  All students who ride the bus participate in an annual bus evacuation drill.


12.  An Evacuation Escape Route map will be updated and posted in each classroom on campus.





Aug. 2017




Aug. 2017




Aug. 2017




Sept. 2017





Ongoing 2017-2018




Oct. 2017



Nov. 2017


Aug. 2017



Ongoing 2017-2018


Oct. 2017





Oct. 2017



Sept. 2017











Principal, safety committee



Principal, safety committee



Staff, Safety committee




Staff, custodians




Nurse, secretary



Safety committee

MOT, Custodian













Safety Committee