Voluntary Supply List

Burbank Elementary Voluntary Supply List by  Grade Level for 2021-2022 


Classroom Donations: 

-White copy paper 

-Facial tissue (extra soft) 

- Glue sticks (Elmer’s or Scotch brand only) - White paper sack lunch bags 

- Ziploc bags (quart & gallon) 

- White paper plates (thin, no design - 6 and 9 inches) - Baby wipes

- Black Expo dry erase markers (chisel & fine point) - Astrobright paper (Neon colors) 

- Hand sanitizer 

- Colored pencils 

- Fine tip markers (black only) 

- Avery address labels (#5630) 

- Kids safety scissors (plastic handles and dull points) 

Recommended Student Supplies: 

-Backpack (regular size not a mini and not a rolling  backpack) 

-Extra pair of clothes (for restroom accidents) -Extra face mask 

-Reusable water bottle (with name on it) 

-Small beach towel (for rest time) 


First Grade 

Classroom Donations: 

-White copy paper 

-Facial tissue 

-Glue sticks 

-Hand sanitizer 

-Baby wipes 

-Dry erase markers 

-Ziplock bags (snack, sandwich, quart, gallon sizes) -Treasure box toys and games 

Recommended Student Supplies: 


-Pencil box 

-Student size dry erase whiteboard 


-Scissors (dull point) 

-Twistable colored pencils 

-Earbuds or headphones 


2nd Grade 

Classroom Donations: 

-3 reams of 8.5 x 11” white copy paper (500 sheets) -3 boxes of facial tissue (preferably family size) -2 Black Sharpie fine tip markers 

-2 Black Sharpie extra fine tip markers 

-Ziploc bags (gallon size) 

-1 container Clorox Wipes 

- Band-Aids 

Recommended Student Supplies:  


-Large pencil box (plastic, preferably shoebox size) - 5 glue sticks (Elmers or 3M brand) 

- 5 black Expo chisel tip dry erase markers -Whiteboard eraser (or other SMALL cloth or old sock) -8 count Crayola broad tip markers 

-10 count Crayola thin tip markers 

-12 count Crayola colored pencils 

-1 pair Fiskars 5” student scissors 

- 2 Hi-Polymer erasers (Pink Pearl or Pentel) -One ½ inch 3-ring Clearview binder (clear front pocket) -1 5-pack of binder dividers with Tabs 

-1 red ballpoint pen (Papermate) 

-1 yellow highlighter (yellow only) 

-Earbuds or headphones 

- 3 spiral-bound notebooks Wide ruled (solid colored  cover) 

-1 plastic pocket folder 

-24 count (or greater) Crayola crayons 


Third Grade  

Classroom Donations: 

-Facial tissue 

-Xerox copy paper (any color)  

-Baby wipes 


-Ziplock bags (any size) 

-Hand Sanitizer 

-Brown bags 

-Paper plates 

Recommended Student Supplies: 


-A year supply of #2 pencils 

-Glue Sticks 

-Expo markers 

-One Pencil box (plastic or softcover is fine)  -Two different color highlighters (any colors) -One pair of scissors

-Earbuds (No big headphones, please)  -One composition notebook 

-Two regular spiral notebooks  

-One red pen 

-One eraser 

-One box of colored pencils 

-One box of markers 

-One box of crayons (16 colors)


Fourth Grade

Classroom Donations: 

-White copy paper 

-Facial tissue 

- 1 box of #2 pencils (24 count) 

-1 box of markers (10 counts) 

-1 pack of dry erase markers (8 counts) 

-1 pack glue sticks (6-12 count) 

-1 pack of baby wipes 

-1 container Clorox wipes 

Recommended Student Supplies: 

-1 pencil box or pouch 

-1 2 inch binder (preferably D or slant ring; suggested - Pen & Gear brand at Walmart) 

-1 pack of dividers (8 tabs with pockets; suggested - Pen  & Gear brand at Walmart) 

-1 pack of wide-ruled reinforced paper (100 sheets) -1 protractor 

-1 set of reliable earbuds (or headphones) 

-3 highlighters 


5th Grade

          Classroom Donations: 

-White copy paper

-Facial tissue 

Recommended Student Supplies: 

-5 subject notebook 

-1 or 2 white out correction tape dispensers -Post-It Notes (small size 1 ⅜ in x 1 ⅞ in) -Multicolor gel or ballpoint pens 

-Earbuds or headphones 

-1 or 2 dry erase markers 

-1 pack Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils 

-1 stapler 

-1 pair of safety scissors 

-1 or 2 spiral notebooks 

-1 pencil box 

-1 pencil sharpener 

-Coloring tools (markers, crayons, colored pencils)

-One 3 ring binder (2”)


6th Grade 

Classroom Supplies

-2 reams white copy paper

-3 boxes of facial tissue

Recommended Student Supplies: 

-Earbuds (with mic attached)

-1 or 2 white out correction tape dispensers

-1 pack of college ruled paper (keep at home)

-2 or 3 mechanical pencils

-Lead replacement for pencils

-6 spiral notebooks (single subject, college ruled)

-1 composition notebook (writing journal)

-Post-It Notes (smallest size)

-4 darl color dry erase markers

-1 clean sock or eraser for whiteboard

-Portable/handheld pencil sharpener

-Zip up pouch or pencil box

-Safety scissors

-Coloring supplies (crayons, markers, color pencils)