Safety and Health


Parking Lot And Crosswalk


Please be reminded that we block off the south parking lot for safety of our students. Do not enter the parking lot during arrival or dismissal times, as it is safety hazard.


Children will not be able to walk across the middles of the street without and adult. Please encourage your child to use the crosswalks at all times and follow the instructions of the crossing guard.


Tips For Wlaking Safely To School


A child who walks to school should know:

  1. The safest route to school
  2. The meaning of traffic lights
  3. To walk, not run, across the street
  4. To walk directly to and from school, avoid loitering along the way, and avoid strangers.
  5. To use crosswalk and always look both ways
  6. To follow the directions of the crossing guards who are stationed at busy intersections by the city


Please share these tips with your child


Choosing To Ride A Bike To School


Third through sixth grade students may ride a bicycle to and from school if a parent permission form has been completed. Forms are available in the school office. A child who rides a bike to school MUST:


  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Know safest route to and from school
  3. Learn the laws of bike riding
  4. Use a lock on the bike when parked in the area provided
  5. Check the bicycle to be sure it is in good working order
  6. Walk his/her bike on and off the campus and on all sidewalks adjoining the school
  7. Have only one rider to a bicycle


Bus Transportation


Bus transportation to and from school is provided from Padelford Park and the Four Trees apartments. Students are required to maintain safe and orderly conduct while riding the bus. Bus drivers will issue notices of unsatisfactory conduct if the student does not follow the safety rules. Repeated infractions will result in consequences such as: lunch detention, parent conference and ultimately denial of transportation privileges.


Bus Riding Safety Rules


Every child rides a school bus sometime, whether on a field trip, or to and from school everyday. Help us to ensure your child's safety by teaching him or her to:


  1. Stay seated at all time while on the bus
  2. Follow the directions of the bus driver
  3. Stay off private property while waiting for the bus
  4. Behave in a manner which does not distract the bus driver


Taking Medicine at school


When medication needs to be taken by your child during the school day, we provide and require:

  1. Form 4544-HS which has:

             (a) Physician's signature and information telling the method, amount and time schedule for the medication to be taken

             (b) Parent/guardian signature requesting district personnel to assist student in taking the medication

       2.   An adult must bring the medication to school in the original bottle, properly labeled. If your child is on continuing medication, you are required by law to                     tell the school about the medication, the amount taken, and the name of the supervising physician




We encourage you to provide a healthy, low-sugar breakfast for your child daily. additionally, we ask that you DO NOT sent "junk food," soda, candy, chips, hot cheetos or other unhealthy items to school with your child. Fresh fruits and vegetables make great snacks. Let's start our children right on a healthy lifestyle by giving them the right foods to eat. Breakfast and lunch are available daily for purchase. Free and reduced priced meals (breakfast and lunch) are also available to those who qualify.


Staying Inside for Health Reasons


Children who must stay indoors during any normal, out-of-doors period must have the approval of their teacher, the nurse, or the principal, or they must have a note from the parent. If your child needs prolonged periods of classroom confinement we will need a statement from the family doctor.


Keeping An Eye On Your Child's Health


Our school has a part-time school nurse and a nurse is always on-call for emergencies. Our nurse or another staff member will notify you if your child becomes ill or if we detect a change in your child's health. We may ask you to follow up with a doctor's exam to determine if there is a problem.


Smoggy Day Alerts


Our school district receives daily smog reports for our area. When smog alert is declared by Air Quality Management District, our school will reduce strenuous outdoor activities. Keep in mind that some days may look smoggy, but may not be a danger to health. Others may look clear, but have poor air quality. We will take appropiate action when advised that air quality is not healthy.


When It's Too Hot


When the outside temperature reaches 90 degrees, we restrict physical activities to mild forms of exercise. When the outside temperature exceeds 95 degrees, children are limited to regular classroom activities. During those days, students can eat their lunches indoors or in shaded areas. If a classroom becomes too hot, we may conduct classes in outdoor, shaded areas.