Homework Policy


Office Hours:  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Homework Policy


Homework is purposeful and relevant for students and is based upon their needs, according to the best judgement of teachers and other appropriate professional staff. Parents are encouraged to help students with their homework without doing it for them. Parents are also encouraged to provide a quiet place for students to study.


Grades K-3     Students will have brief assignments which enhance classroom instruction approximately 30 minutes a day. Parents are encouraged to read 

                          aloud to thier children and/or to have their children read aloud to them EVERYDAY.


Grades 4-6     Students will have short as well as long assignments that reinforce and enhance classroom instruction approximately 60 minutes per day.

                          Students are encouraged to READ AT HOME EVERY DAY.



Learning About Your Child's Progress


Students receive three report cards during the school year to inform you of how your child has progressed in each of the subject areas. To get further details about your child's progress in school or to learn how you can help if your child is having trouble, call the teacher to set up a parent/teacher conference. Our teachers will be glad to make an appointment to conference with you any time during the school year either by phone or in person.


Solving Your Concerns Together


If a concern arises about your child, talk it over first with your child's teacher. If you don't receive satisfaction, call and make an appointment to speak with the principal. Your child's academic success is our major concern. Education is a partnership between home and school.


Be a Volunteer in Our School


If you have time to spare, why not share it with us by becoming a school volunteer? You can volunteer in many ways and places. Some parents help us from their homes. Others work in classrooms, with the school nurse or in the library. Share your special talent or knowledge with our students on a onetime or regular basis. Parents who volunteer on a regular basis must have a current TB test and sign a volunteer form. We think you'll find being a school volunteer is fun, educational and rewarding.


Instructional Programs


At Burbank all students receive instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, science, physical education, art, and social studies based on the California Content Standards. Teachers use a variety of state adopted textbooks, district approved literature books and teacher developed materials to teach the standards.


Title I Program


Our school is a school wide Title I school. We use federal funds to provide intervention programs for all children. These funds are used to enable all children meet or state standards.


GATE  Program


Students in grades 3-6 may be identified for the Gifted and Talented Education Program using test scores and a GATE screening form. GATE students are clustered in groups at grades 4-6. The enrichment program includes extended activities in English language arts, math, science, and visual performing arts.


School Site Council


The Burbank SSC meets 5 times during the school year to review, advise, and revise Burbank's ongoing categorical programs. The council is comprised of five parent members, and four staff members, who are elected for a two-year term. and the school administrator. SSC openings will be filled in October ALL interested parents are welcome to attend any of the SSC meetings.